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Safe products in the EU Single Market

European Commission acts to reinforce trust

The Commission is tabling two legislative proposals to make it easier for companies, especially small and medium sized, to sell their products across Europe, and to strengthen controls by national authorities and customs officers to prevent unsafe products from being sold to European consumers.

The Single Market, which will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2018, is one of Europe’s greatest achievements, designed to allow goods, services, capital and people to move freely.

Mutual recognition
Since legislation on food contact materials is not yet fully regulated in Europe, the principle of mutual recognition plays an important role in European exports. For Dutch producers, for example, this means that their products with components that are not yet regulated in the European Union, produced or imported in the Netherlands which comply with the Dutch member state legislation, may be sold without additional requirements throughout Europe. Since this is currently not always possible, the Commission wants to strengthen the current mutual recognition principle with this bill.

The “mutual recognition” principle ensures that products not subject to EU-wide regulation can, in principle, move freely within the Single Market, if they are lawfully marketed in one Member State.

Stricter controls by national authorities
There are still too many unsafe and non-compliant products sold on the EU market. The 2nd Bill should contribute to a fairer single market in terms of compliance and enforcement. Among other things, information exchange on illegal products and ongoing investigations will be carried out, so that authorities can take effective action against non-compliant products. This regulation will also allow national authorities to better control products entering the EU market.

In the case of food contact materials, this means greater control over legal documentation (Declaration of Compliance) and the supporting documents, which demonstrate that products comply with the relevant European and national legislation and are therefore free to circulate freely on the single European market.
You can check the official press release of the European Commission here: press release

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