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Partnership Decernis & Viaware

Viaware announces Partnership with Decernis

Almelo, 15 May 2019 – Viaware B.V. announces a partnership with Decernis LLC, the leading provider of technology and content solutions for compliance, safety, and risk management, combining Viaware’s FOCOS software with Decernis’ gComply, gComply Plus, Supply Chain Management and Horizon Scanning solutions for Food Contact Compliance and Risk Management. The combination of services will allow businesses to better understand legal and customer requirements, analyze complex regulations, collect supplier evidence to demonstrate compliance, expedite data collection and analysis, and simplify supplied product compliance risk management.

Decernis systems enable food and beverage brands, retailers, manufacturers and their packaging suppliers to effectively maneuver the complexity of global food contact regulations for market entry and increase the speed to market for new product introduction, while managing the risk of change. Thereby, Decernis systems augment companies’ decision-making on Product Safety & Regulatory compliance.

gComply is a powerful web-based regulatory reference database providing access to over 100,000 regulations across 216 countries and 26 international communities, allowing businesses to scan applicable requirements relevant to your business or products. gComply Plus is an enterprise-Level system providing businesses an intelligent Compliance Analysis to analyze products against global regulatory market requirements allowing automated generation of Declarations of Compliance against such requirements.

Horizon Scanning provides emerging issues insights through a personal and real-time solution for daily and global monitoring allowing compliance change management and early risk warning. Decernis’ Supply Chain Compliance Management platform provides an automated compliance workflow, analysis and process for purchased materials and products at greater transparency, accuracy, and speed.

Viaware’s mission is to help protect consumer health by improving the safety of food contact materials. Viaware combines knowledge of food contact materials, regulations, safety and IT to improve compliance work and communication in the supply chain.

Viaware’s web-based software, FOCOS, is a risk- and compliance management system for the food contact material supply chain. With FOCOS a business can manage products, raw materials and changes, create customized Declarations of Compliance, manage supporting documents and communicate with suppliers and customers, with every step being fully auditable. FOCOS can integrate with ERP systems and will help to actively communicate updates of Declarations of Compliance towards customers, allowing them to always access the latest versions of documents.

“This partnership will provide customers with a cradle-to-grave solution to manage compliance and risks of food packaging and food contact materials, improving the safety of food and beverage products. Having access to integrated knowledge-, technology- and intelligence-enabled solutions, our customers can manage safety more effectively and efficiently” stated Dr. Ruud Overbeek, Chief of Strategy and Business Development at Decernis. “The combined virtual solution will provide deeper insight into regulations and compliance for food contact materials.”

“We are constantly looking for ways to help our customers with their risk assessment of food contact materials.” stated Kris Callaert, Technical Director at Viaware. “This partnership will enable us to serve our customers even better with global regulatory coverage, better future insights and a broader product portfolio. We are looking forward to further integrate our solutions.”

About Decernis
Decernis LLC delivers global solutions for product compliance, safety, and risk management through smart technology, Intelligent Systems Technology, Big Data Analytics, and global expertise. Our horizon scanning, enterprise solutions, supply chain management and experts in global food, consumer, and industrial product safety support our clients in meeting complex market demands and key decisions. Decernis tracks regulatory developments in more than two hundred countries on a day-by-day basis.

About Viaware
Viaware was founded in 2013 as a joint venture of a food contact expert and an IT company. A combination of broad knowledge of Food Contact Safety, legislation and IT resulted in FOCOS®, a web-based tool that supports risk assessment of food contact materials and communication in the Food Contact Material supply chain.

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