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Announcement new release

The last couple of months we started working on the next major release of FOCOS. It’s time for a short update.
What are we actually planning to achieve with FOCOS release 3?

First of all, we will introduce a global approach. This means that we will improve support for regions like US (FDA), China, Mercosur and Middle East. In addition to various changes to the software, this means a lot of work on the content side (legislations and substances). We started updating our resources in July of last year! In the context of the global approach, we will implement close integration with different software modules of our content partner Decernis.

Part of the global approach is the support for regional testing configurations. We will implement a new component for testing configurations with the goal to help our users with the selection of simulants, overall and specific migration testing conditions for each of the global regions.

The first screens are quite promising.

Next to the global approach, we plan to improve change management for Generics, Intermediates and Products. Changes in (standard) raw materials as a result of updated supplier documentation or updated regulations can be easily forwarded to products. FOCOS will help you to perform the resulting compliance work in an efficient way. We think we can reduce the time spent on change management by 80%!

Last but not least, in this new release we will also achieve a number of functionalities that have been requested by our users.

FOCOS 3 will be a significant and important step towards a more standardized way of doing risk assessment of food contact materials. It will open the door for further development of the platform.

If you want to know more, please contact us!