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Sylvaphane Plastics B.V.

Peter Kieneker, Manager
Sylvaphane Plastics B.V.

For decades, Sylvaphane has been a specialist in the production and processing of flexible packaging films of polyethylene, polypropylene and cellophane. For extrusion and assembly of the self-produced and purchased materials, Sylvaphane has ultramodern machinery. The extrusion department features very advanced and modern High Density, Low Density, polyethylene and three layer extruders. Flexo presses print up to 8 colors and for the fabric of the film several very modern seal machines are available.

“In the area of Food Contact Plastics we participate in the Food Group (VMK) of the Dutch Rubber and Plastics association (NRK). At one of the Food Group meetings a consultant of Viaware introduced FOCOS.

In May we started using FOCOS as part of the Pilot user group. We were pleasantly surprised. We were looking for a solution that could help us meet Food Contact Plastics legislation. The solution should minimize the administrative burdens for DoC creation and communication with our clients. FOCOS meets the requirements. FOCOS is based on current legislation and helps us manage DoC’s and supporting documents.

Food Contact Plastics will play an increasingly important role at Sylvaphane. At least 80% of our products are sold to companies that operate in the food industry. We will continue use FOCOS as a tool and Viaware as a helpdesk for our questions related to food contact. Up to now we are very satisfied with the collaboration with Viaware.

Viaware has provided an in-company training course at Sylvaphane. The training course was very enlightened and well organized. It was divided into a theoretical and practical part and has really helped the FOCOS users. Especially the theoretical part of the training course was of great value to the users.

We are very pleased with FOCOS and the support of Viaware.”