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QolorTech B.V.

Cees Koerselman, Project Manager
QolorTech B.V.

QolorTech B.V. is a color- and additive-masterbatch supplier. Their products, known as Masterminds®, are often used in food contact packaging materials. Food Contact Plastics are therefore explicitly linked to the product portfolio of ColorTech. All the more reason to start using FOCOS.

“By implementing FOCOS we gain direct access to the most current food contact legislations in different Member States of the European Union. The structure within FOCOS forces us to follow guidelines and complex food contact legislation. We now have a clear and distinct understanding of the Document of Compliance and its supporting documentation. FOCOS really helps!

We started using FOCOS with some help from Viaware (Data Management service). They initially filled FOCOS with our product and raw material information, to make sure that we had a solid database to start with. After implementation by Viaware we could start generating DoC’s right away. It saved us a lot of time and headaches.

Because of the complexity of food contact legislation we asked Viaware to provide an in-company training course on legislation and the use of FOCOS. The training course was clearly structured and very instructive. We were very pleased with the way the consultant presented and interacted. He has a lot of knowledge on the subject and masterbatches in particular. Overall, Viaware is a great company to communicate and work with.

We intend to expand our food contact product portfolio. We must stay up-to-date in the field of food contact legislation and our customers need up-to-date DoCs. That is why a tool like FOCOS is essential to us.”