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Jan Krijnders, Manager QESH, Security, IT
Meldon Plastics BV

As a producer of plastic profiles Meldon is known for its high level of expertise in the extrusion of polymer plastic profiles. Throughout its many years in the extrusion sector Meldon has developed into an effective partner in plastic extrusion, extrusion tools and (plastic) development.

“We started using FOCOS in September 2014. Food contact products will play an increasingly important role in the future of Meldon and we needed a software tool to help us with our compliance work. With regard to this evolution, we want to approach compliance work in a more professional and efficient way. The implementation of FOCOS has played a significant role in achieving these goals.

With FOCOS we manage all food contact data centrally. In this way, retention of knowledge and experience is assured within Meldon. FOCOS is very practical and user-friendly. We look forward working with the tool and are very optimistic about the future.

As part of the FOCOS Implementation Pack, Viaware provided an in-company training. The pleasant and clear explanation, based on case studies, has given us more insight into compliance work. We have experienced this training as very practical, useful and applicable!

The questions that we ask Viaware are quickly and adequately addressed and taking care of. We are very satisfied with the communication with Viaware.”