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Willem Koppel, Quality Assurance Manager
Kornelis Caps & Closures

Kornelis Caps & Closures is a producer of high-quality caps and closures. Kornelis offers top-quality customized and personalized closures to help make a product unique. For 75 years Kornelis has been developing solutions for the market. In all these years Kornelis was able to perfect their product portfolio. Most of the products are used for the packaging of food, like pasta, creamers and peanut butter.

“After a pilot period mid-2013, we started using FOCOS in production in December 2013. Food Contact Plastics will play an increasingly prominent role in the food sector. It is therefore that Kornelis is aware of the importance of a well-managed database and a well-structured Document of Compliance.
At this moment Kornelis is still in a startup phase of FOCOS. We invest in future benefit. Our experience over the past few months is very positive. FOCOS is very user-friendly and offers a clear overview on raw materials and related products. If you make changes to a raw material the system will instantly show the consequences for the related products and DoC’s. This improves awareness and communication with customers.

Unfortunately, we often find that a lot of information is missing in documents from our suppliers. FOCOS helps us find missing information and provides a way to communicate with our suppliers.

We are very positive about the incompany training course on Food Contact and FOCOS that Viaware provided. The presentation about international legislation was interesting and valuable. It also helped us get started with FOCOS as overall solution. I would recommend future FOCOS users to invest in such a training program. Complexity of the matter raises questions that can be answered by the Viaware consultant during a training session.

Communication with Viaware is direct and very pleasant. Questions about Food Contact Legislation and FOCOS as a tool are answered quickly and efficiently.”